The Flood

Titolo originale: La piena
Published: ottobre 2016
Pagine: 419

Umberto is forty and works in a factory in the deep North of Italy. We are in 2015 and, except working, days are scored by rock music, going out all nigh long in local clubs and tragicomic amateur football competitions on the peripheral frozen grounds. The fact is that Umberto has also a family (Lisa, his wife; Sebastiano, a child who grows quickly; and Fulvia, a cat capable of long telepathic conversations), and he is afraid he no longer belongs to his household. Even his birth family is not a solid support. Maybe it’s time to cross the long shadow line we call youth. 

With The Flood, Andrea Cisi tells us a story in which people both laugh and cry, looking for a meaning and an identity in a period of time that seem to be denied at every step, vividly representing the beautiful Italian province of 2000’s: a heart that never stops beating, a place of the soul much richer, more confusing and unpredictable than you might think.