The Quality of Air

Titolo originale: La qualità dell'aria
Book published: April 2015
Book pages: 376
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Hailed as a miraculous collection by all the Italian media, this anthology (currently in its 6th printing) puts together fifteen Italian writers under 40 (some of them already translated abroad) narrating today's Italy through nineteen caustic, cutting stories. At the beginning of the 21st century Italy is actually a mystery: what kind of country is it? Can one think of it as an important reference for democracy in the Old Continent or is it an alchemic laboratory where all contradictions and paradoxes of our times seethe? Is it the first true experiment of "media democracy"? The caricature of a dictatorship? How have Italians changed? These writers, who grew up in the age of video games and commercial television, have put aside all kinds of entertainment literature to speak about their times, about their love-hate relationship with their country. 
Stories by: Ernesto Aloia, Paolo Cognetti, Mauro Covacich, Riccardo Falcinelli & Marta Poggi, Nicola Lagioia, Giordano Meacci, Serafino Murri, Francesco Pacifico, Valeria Parrella, Antonio Pascale, Gabriele Pedullà, Leonardo Pica Ciamarra, Tommaso Pincio, Andrea Piva, Laura Pugno, Christian Raimo, Elena Stancanelli, Giordano Tedoldi, Emanuele Trevi. 

Press reviews

Cristiano de Majo - Rivista Studio

La qualità dell’aria si avvicina all’idea tondelliana di mappatura: raccontare il proprio tempo, anzi «raccontare, impietosamente e dolorosamente, i loro anni».

Sandra Bardotti - Wuz

Negli ultimi anni minimum fax è stato l'editore che ha pubblicato le più importanti antologie di giovani scrittori italiani.