Great Oniric Age

Titolo originale: Grande Era Onirica
Published: marzo 2017
Pagine: 180

The life of the young Marta is an impatient journey through the boulevards in Paris, the squares in Siena and through the woods in Marche. It’s a journey intertwined with absolute and absolutely wrong loves, dusted with drugs and beauty products to control anxiety, stubbornly waiting for that happiness that is waiting somewhere. Marta knows that she has drown the right card in the wheel of fate, everything was prepared in order to make things go well for her, but her feeling fine is just the smooth and illusory surface of an iced lake. Marta moves in the centre, where the crust is thinner and you can’t perceive danger. But she doesn’t resign herself to stay there. She backs to the surface, through the waves of dreams and drugs, through the waves of her family stories and her fatal passion for a man much older than her. Great Oniric Age is an impolite novel, bravely sincere and moving, sustained by a virtuous, vivid and dreamy language. It’s a coming-of-age story of a young woman in the confusion of the present.