Three Steps in The Dark

Mystery, thriller and noir genres narrated by their best creators
Titolo originale: Tre passi nel buio
Book published: May 2018
Book pages: 106
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In the last twenty years, the fiction genre has gained absolute dominance in books charts,and built an actual community of readers that has been growing in the years. The constellation of novels that have been labeled – maybe a bit hastily – as “crime novels” masks relevant and often ignored differences: to write a noir novel is not the same thing as writing a mystery novel; seriality requires techniques of plot construction that are not neither discounted, nor fit for everyone; the thriller is a genre of its own, with its own rules that is necessary to apply in great detail, even if you want to overturn them.

For the first time, three masters respectively of noir, mystery and thriller genre accepted

to open their laboratories to the readers, narrating in detail how they build their stories, which are their indispensable ingredients, evolved with the passing of time. The result is a book full of passion and competences: an essential reading for Carlotto’s, D’Andrea’s and De Giovanni’s fans, but also for those who don’t know them. And, of course, for those who dream to write a crime story, and want to know where to start and how not to fail.

Press reviews

Corrado Augias - il Venerdì di Repubblica

Perché le storie che nascono da un crimine hanno sempre più successo? Come si costruisce una trama efficace? Tre autori rispondono. Avventurandosi nel buio.
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Gabriele Ottaviani - Convenzionali

È come entrare nella fucina di Efesto e vedergli forgiare le armi d’Achille: da non perdere.
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Francesco Chiamulera - Corriere del Veneto

Massimo Carlotto tra i protagonisti del Salone del Libro con Luca D'Andrea e Maurizio de Giovanni.
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Marco Ciriello - Il Messaggero

Massimo Carlotto, Luca D'Andrea e Maurizio de Giovanni raccontano la ricerca operativa e la costruzione delle loro opere.
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Matteo Bianchi - La Nuova Ferrara

Intervista a Massimo Carlotto sulle caratteristiche del noir contemporaneo.
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"Tre passi nel buio": tre maestri aprono le porte del loro laboratorio ai lettori.
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