Do You Think You Look Any Better?

Titolo originale: Pensi di stare meglio?
Book published: February 2024
Book pages: 183
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Everything in Do You Think You Look Any Better? tells us about trying to tidy up our precarious lives, arriving-almost always as if at the end we stop-in a psychologist's office, often with behaviours ranging from timid suspicion to the most brazen scepticism.                                                                       

Edo is a young artist with little money in his pocket, a confused love life, and a feeling of losing control over his own existence. He is awkward and funny, and spends all his time worrying about what others think of him. His anxieties manifest themselves and keep him company; there is Batman who appears and advises Edo on how a REAL MAN should behave, but also the Queer police is ready to foil any attempt of the protagonist to fall back into the same toxic and macho dynamics that have messed up his relationships in the past.

Without any moralistic or didactic intent, Do You Think You Look Any Better? tells us the daring story - between bait meetings, the loss of a dear friend, everyday desires and one session with a psychologist and another - of how it is possible to relearn to feel good in your own shoes.