How the Book Ends

Against The False Democracy of Digital Publishing Industry
Titolo originale: Come finisce il libro
Published: maggio 2014
Pagine: 207

From Gutenberg onwards, we have been imagining our intellectual progress as strictly linked to “book culture”. Today, while people have e-readers and smartphones in their hands, it seems that this secular story is going to end, taking along the disappearance of publishing industry as we know it, and the very same concept of “literature”. For someone this sounds like an apocalypse, but and other self-publishing platforms are depicting a marvellous future in which the relation between writers and readers will be more and more widened, direct, free. Is all that true? With a very well-defined idea of how our society is developing, Alessandro Gazoia analyses the current Italian and international world of books and explores possible future scenarios: he warns against the risk of confusing market strategies with free exchanges of ideas, and illustrates the real revolutionary potentialities of digital publishing industry. How The Book Ends is the manifesto of a different route for the future of books.

Alessandro Gazoia (Jumpinshark) writes about journalism, media and informatics on and on his renowned blog; he published for minimum fax an ebook Il web e l’arte della manutenzione della notizia (2013).