Economy in Seven Steps

Persons, markets and welfare
Titolo originale: Capire l'economia in sette passi
Published: aprile 2016
Pagine: 132

Economy is a complex and absolutely inexact science, where the stakes are very high. Most of our happiness and even the future survival of our species depend on the study of the relation between persons and markets, that is the social infrastructure behind the economical system. Becchetti gives us access to a fascinating and decisive world. 

Seven chapters, seven steps to understand the nature of companies and their creation of value, the world of finance and, above all, its enormous potentialities to serve people, which remain unexploited. We then arrive to the idea of welfare by asking ourselves to which target we should point: increase, decrease, sustainable happiness?

 The volume ends with an invitation to follow the path on line. We all together, hopefully, will write the future of economics, by developing a sort of collective universal intelligence through confrontations.


Leonardo Becchetti teaches Political economics at the University Tor Vergata of Rome and he is the scientific director of the Foundation Achille Grandi. He is editorialist for Avvenire, author of his blog «La felicità sostenibile» on Repubblica. it. From 2013 he is president of the technical-scientific committee of Next – Nuova economia per tutti.