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Discografia essenziale

Ani DiFranco - the first album, rbr, 1990
Not so soft, rbr, 1991
Imperfectly, rbr, 1992
Puddle dive, rbr, 1993
Like i said [songs 1990/91], rbr, 1993
Out of range, rbr, 1994
Not a pretty girl, rbr, 1995
Dilate, rbr, 1996
More joy less shame [ep], rbr, 1996
Living in clip, rbr, 1997
Little plastic cadtle, rbr, 1998
Up Up Up Up Up Up, rbr, 1999
To the teeth, rbr, 1999
Swing set [ep], rbr, 2000
Revelling reckoning, rbr, 2001
So much shouting so much laughter, rbr, 2002
Evolve, rbr, 2003
Educated guess, rbr, 2004
Knuckle Down, rbr, 2005