The Time Has Come

Titolo originale: S'è fatta ora
Book published: October 2011
Book pages: 137
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Winner of the Bergamo Literary Award 2007 
Winner of the Brancati Prize 2007 
Finalist at the Riviera delle Palme Prize 2007 
Shortlisted for the Viareggio Prize 
Finalist at the Ultima Frontiera - Carlo Cassola Prize 2008

Following the success of Passa la bellezza and La manutenzione degli affetti (Einaudi), Antonio Pascale, one of the most acclaimed of the new generation of Italian writers, makes his debut in the catalogue of minimum fax. 
The Time Has Come is a novel in five episodes, that focuses on those times when life shifts gears: when it speeds up, breaks down, turns ugly, or encounters a fork in the road, leading variously to success or ruin. Life did all this, and we didn’t even notice, perhaps because we were too busy living in the present. 
In these harsh and amusing pages, we meet Vincenzo Postiglione (the alter ego of the author, present in Pascale’s other books as well), struggling with five crucial moments and five central themes in the life of a man: youth, the state, love, science, and grief. Five initiations (of an emotional, political, and existential kind) that intertwine, giving rise to a remarkable, unforgettable coming-of-age novel.