A Handbook For Successful Girls

Titolo originale: Manuale per ragazze di successo
Book published: May 2017
Book pages: 126
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Seven stories, seven portraits of women. Girls fighting for love, for motherhood, for work; women who travel, build their careers or inherit fortunes; women who lose their jobs, who are betrayed and abandoned, and try to deal with failure; women who start over, rebel, sail without a compass through the storms of daily life. By their sides are weak and disoriented men, only capable of getting by, lacking courage and irony and also often lacking the solitude that surrounds their girlfriends. With a dry and sharp style, and a captivating plot skillfully mixing bittersweet romance and coming-of-age tales against the frantic, often surreal backdrop of post-industrial Northern Italy, Cognetti builds the chapters of an imaginary "handbook for successful girls", seven ways of finding or losing happiness in today's world, seven stories that speak out with a voice that is impossible to forget.

Press reviews

Adria Bonanno - ReaderForBlind

Una penna che dà vita a donne consapevoli di essere vive, coscienti di poter ancora dare molto a un mondo non estraneo alle difficoltà che inevitabilmente portano alla consapevolezza di una forza in...
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Sandra Bardotti - Wuz

La casa editrice minimum fax ha scovato le voci più interessanti del nuovo panorama letterario italiano.
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Daria Schiavolin - Nido di scricciolo Blog

La prosa di questi racconti è veramente trascinante e coinvolgente. Cognetti ha la capacità di indagare l'animo dei suoi personaggi con una semplicità disarmante.
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Gabriele Alfieri - Jox

Intervista a Paolo Cognetti.
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