Animated Souls

The Thinking Behind Cartoons, From Disney to Japanese Anime, and Beyond
Titolo originale: Le anime disegnate
Book published: novembre 2005
Book pages: 288
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This book attempts to unravel the mysteries, the myths, and the underlying truths of the world's most popular animated cartoons, living breathing stories that have been flowing through our homes - and our minds - for decades. The author describes how these cartoons are made and what they really mean, ranging from the cartoon epics of Walt Disney to the tales of Popeye the Sailor, Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird and Sylvester Cat, and Huckleberry Hound, and moving right up to the present day, with the Simpsons, South Park, and Japanese Anime. This book was first published in 1994 (it has now been revised, updated, and expanded), and has long been sought after by collectors and cartoon fans, after three Italian editions and a number of international editions. Animated Souls was pioneering in its appreciation of Mazinga and Heidi & c., becoming a major landmark for all fans of the genre, and for general readers as well. This book is unique, a reference encyclopaedia that is as absorbing as a brilliant novel: the indispensable last word on animated cartoons. 

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