Whoever remembers Peter Szoke?

Titolo originale: Chi si ricorda di Peter Szoke?
Book published: April 2003
Book pages: 147
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Fathers of families annihilated by the logic of the fast-food culture, publishers of tabloid newspapers specialised in cynicism and the manipulation of incompetence, owners of oyster-shaped beds worth 5,000 euros, tv soubrettes with a milleniarianist belief, Nasdaq-addicted stock brokers suffering from heart conditions. This is the humanity which populates Whoever remembers Peter Szoke?, Aloia's debut collection, a host of characters taking their first steps in the territory of the 21st century, still desperately trying to salvage a scrap of sense from the madness and instability of the times. Aloia's tales are told in a rich, elegant language, which is both compelling and touching, and in a style that embraces tradition, as well as post-modernism.