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07 dic
Antonio Talia a Più libri più liberi
H 15:30
Roma Convention Center – La Nuvola dell’Eur
10 dic
Antonio Talia a Napoli
H 17:45
PAN - Sala Di Stefano
12 dic
Antonio Talia ad Alba
H 19:00
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Antonio Talia


grew in a cosmopolitan family and has been lucky enough to travel and learn foreign languages since his childhood. So, when he became a journalist he immediately chose to work with foreign affairs.

He worked for seven years in Beijing as a news correspondent for an Italian press agency. During this period he worked on different stories related to crime like:

• the gang that, from Beijing, controlled football betting all over the world;

• the money laundering between Italy and China;

• the rise of Jihadism in Indonesia and the training of special forces in Jakarta;

• Silvio Berlusconi’s shell company in Hong Kong;

• the money laundering of the ‘ndrangheta in Hong Kong.

Once back in Italy, he worked for three years as a crime reporter for the same press agency, and he worked on the international proliferation of the ‘ndrangheta.

He now works as co-author of Nessun Luogo è Lontano (“Nowhere is Far Away”), a foreign affairs broadcast of Radio24, and Io Sono il Cattivo (“I am the bad guy”), a broadcast dedicated to portraying international terrorists and criminals on the same radio and on Audible.

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Antonio Talia: bigliografia

/ 1977

è nato a Reggio Calabria. Ex corrispondente da Pechino, si è occupato di riciclaggio di denaro sporco tra Italia e Cina, gang di strada in Svezia, jihadismo in Indonesia e operazioni finanziarie illecite a Hong Kong. È coautore di Io sono il cattivo e Nessun luogo è lontano, trasmissioni di affari esteri in onda su Radio24.